breathing - how to - meditation

How to Breathe Correctly: in Meditation and Beyond

How to Breathe Do you think it is a bit of a joke that breathing needs a separate how-to? Our automatic actions, like walking or breathing, by definition, don’t get much attention from our part. But automaticity does not guarantee that an action is carried out in an appropriate (and healthy) way. When something is […]

cruelty and the nature of violence

Cruelty and the Nature of Violence

On cruelty Sometimes it’s almost inconceivable that so many people are capable of unspeakable acts of cruelty. Some of them are very visible – abandoned pets, beaten up kids and domestic abuse. Yet some are inflicted on us by our own selves: constant negative rumination and beliefs that we are ‘not enough’. This is cruelty.  […]

Values of Enough _ Meditation for Greed

Meditation for Greed | Minimalism vs Consumerism

Are we here at Ahimsa Meditation leaning towards ultra-minimalism or even asceticism? Are we trying to monetize meditation and create consumer products for this ever increasing market? Our stance is neither of these options. Let us disucuss consumerism, values of enough and how meditation for greed can help us all.  Whilst we think that healthy minimalism […]

meditation for forgiveness

Meditation For Forgiveness

Forgiveness is not easy  We all carry a lot of grudges and that’s quite natural. Yet this ‘baggage’ is not really healthy.  We are hurt often and we feel guilty ourselves, but sometimes we also blame others. Well, it is inevitable that someone should be blamed for a failure or a mistake, don’t they? Funny […]

meditation for beginners

Meditation for Beginners: Just One Thing You Really Need

Meditation is no longer a hype. Even though you can read about it from various magazines, newspapers and online, it is not a trendy thing anymore. It is here and will stay as an effective tool to cultivate one’s mind. Meditation for beginners could be confusing. Meditation today Similarly, as with nutrition, it started to accumulate […]

meditation love compassion

Meditation, Love and Self-Compassion

Many people start on their journeys to meditate and cultivate their minds. It’s awesome! Yet for a majority of them, their practice of meditation is a sporadic tool or an activity that they need to find time for.  Surely, in our hectic and always changing world finding time is quite difficult. It is possible though […]

mindfulness meditation for grief

Mindfulness Meditation for Grief

One person said that one cannot teach mindfulness meditation for grief before they have experienced that.  Dare to believe them? Well, whether it is true or not it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that it’s really difficult.  It’s bloody hard, ok?  It’s almost like torturing yourself with a stick/fire, you name it.  Tragedy happens… […]

human and animal specialness

Let’s talk about our desire to be special

We hope that with this article we would be able to start a conversation with everyone of you about a modern goal that everyone is or needs to be special.  Do you really need it? Is it OK to be special at all? Is it healthy to strive to be special? What is it ‘to […]