meditation for PTSD

Mindfulness Meditation to Help with PTSD

PTSD, Meditation, and Psychotechnology Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a mental health issue that some people develop after they have been exposed to a shocking event in their life. It can be it life-threatening situation, combat, incarceration, natural disaster, sexual assault or similar.  The US. Department of Veteran Affairs stated that 8 out of 100 […]

meditation for anxiety

Meditation to Reduce Anxiety

Meditation has been known since ancient times as a good way to be alone with yourself and leave problems aside. Meditation includes complete physical and psychological relaxation and helps control stress and emotions. This training method will defeat depression, insomnia, fatigue and other problems associated with emotional stress. The physical health of a person suffers […]

loving kindness meditation instructions

Loving – Kindness Meditation Practice (Metta)

When you are comfortable with basic meditation instructions, meta-awareness, self-acceptance and letting go of your ego, it is recommended that you incorporate loving-kindness (metta) practice into your meditation.   Ahimsa Meditation hopes that we all can spend some time actively practising nonviolence in your mind. We can all send wishes of health, happiness, safety and […]

talk to students about meditation, mindfulness and ethical living

A Talk About Meditation, Nonviolence and Mindful Living

This is a talk that our Ahimsa Meditation teacher gave to newcomers to meditation that were interested in his views on how to approach meditation practice. This talk combines knowledge of Buddhist teachers but also medical professionals, so both spiritual and scientific expertise. Though even if you are practising meditation already, you can also relate […]

a life of nonviolence – ahimsa way

A Life of Nonviolence

In this short article, we want to discuss values, mindfulness, our ego, constant change and evolution, but also suffering and stress. We see that there is a life of nonviolence or Ahimsa way that is possible through meditation and training of our mind. Life values What is your main value as a human? Is there […]

benefits of meditation explained by Ahimsa Meditation

Benefits of Meditation Practice

Meditation is a training process in training the mind to concentrate and direct thoughts. Someone uses meditation as a means to better know themselves and their surroundings. For others, meditation is a method to reduce stress and learn to be happy. Meditation offers countless different benefits to your body, mind and spirit. The rest that […]