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How to Breathe Correctly: in Meditation and Beyond

What does correct breathing mean? Do you think it is a bit of a joke that breathing needs a separate how-to? Our automatic actions, like walking or breathing, by definition, don’t get much attention from our part. But automaticity does not guarantee that an action is carried out in an appropriate (and healthy) way. When […]

meditation for forgiveness

Meditation For Forgiveness

Forgiveness is not easy  We all carry a lot of grudges and that’s quite natural. Yet this ‘baggage’ is not really healthy.  We are hurt often and we feel guilty ourselves, but sometimes we also blame others. Well, it is inevitable that someone should be blamed for a failure or a mistake, don’t they? Funny […]

benefits of meditation explained by Ahimsa Meditation

Benefits of Meditation Practice

Meditation is a training process in training the mind to concentrate and direct thoughts. Someone uses meditation as a means to better know themselves and their surroundings. For others, meditation is a method to reduce stress and learn to be happy. Meditation offers countless different benefits to your body, mind and spirit. The rest that […]