Ahimsa Meditation E-Book

We have created a straightforward guide to meditation practice. 

It includes information about meditation, why to practice, how to practice and some tips too. 

In addition to that, we have included our guidance on preventive nutrition and mindful living. 


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It’s a preview of our full Nonviolence Meditation book that is available on Amazon and iBooks.

Happy with our free e-book and want more information, guidance and tips?

Get Nonviolence Meditation book

Over 100 pages of useful information on how to meditate, meditation benefits, healthy nutrition framework and recommendation & so much more!

Your $5 or £4 would go towards spreading nonviolence and helping people to cultivate their inner peace by mans of mindfulness meditation.

Find it on Amazon.comAmazon.co.uk and other local Amazon stores, but also available on iBooks.

Help us print this Meditation Guide! 


We at Ahimsa Meditation would like to offer our e-guide on meditation and how to practice to everyone across the world. 


As a non-profit social enterprise, we also would like to be able to offer it in a print format, so it can find people who cannot access it in electronic format. 


We are mindful that there are many people who could be sick and in hospitals, who could be spending their time in prisons or simply younger children who would rather learn from a printed booklet rather than a tablet. 


Many more groups of people will benefit from such a material to be sent to them for free.


We are now raising money to print first 1000 copies of this booklet and the rest of the funds to be spent on International postage. 


Please help us, every donation counts. 

Thank you 

Ahimsa Meditation Guide

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