Nonviolence meditation for a healthy, mindful and peaceful living


Meditation for Beginners 

Start your practice today with our instructions for concentration meditation. Get support from our meditation teachers along your journey. 

Nutrition of Nonviolence

Learn best practices for plant-based whole-foods nutrition. Improve your health, vitality, energy levels, and save lives of billions of innocent animals. 

Insight Meditation (Vipassana) 

Develop your meditation practice with our instruction for Insight Meditation (Vipassana). Cultivate your mind and achieve inner peace.

Mindfulness Meditation to Help with Anxiety

We live in an anxiety age. Find help with our mindfulness meditation instructions to lessen your anxiety levels and stress.

Ahimsa Meditation Articles

We are working tirelessly to promote nonviolence, inner peace, mindfulness meditation practice, plant-based nutrition, ethical business practices, mindful living and consumption. Check it out and join our community!

Benefits of Meditation: Science

We are constantly collecting and analyzing the most up-to-date research, publications and scientific papers on mindfulness meditation.

Dig deeper into what kind of physical and mental health benefits meditation can bring to you.

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