What is Ahimsa Meditation?

Welcome to Ahimsa Meditation, a social enterprise which is a non-for-profit initiative with a sole aim to reduce and eradicate world’s violence. 


We aim to help everyone to live their life with a profound feeling of inner peace that makes it possible to live mindfully and compassionately with every living being. If we would be able to achieve this, it is a life that truly worth living in this wonderful world. 


Ahimsa Meditation is a non-profit organisation offering mindfulness meditation for a healthy, mindful and peaceful living. 

Our effective programs help people to achieve inner peace that contributes to world nonviolence. 


We've collected, analysed and presented the most up-to-date research and publications on mindfulness meditation, nutrition and mental health. We've processed over 600 titles and over 500 scientific papers written by leading neuroscientists, doctors, psychologists and specialists in mindfulness and psychotherapy space. We invite you to dig deeper into a plethora of benefits that these practices bring. Simply head to our Benefits page or Meditation Benefits article, where you can also find a lot of sources and credible scientific proof. 

Our vision is to help everyone to realise and practice nonviolence through mindful, ethical and value-based living

Together we can achieve animal and human welfare and eliminate world hunger through mindfulness meditation, plant-based whole-foods nutrition and ethical lifestyle.We base our activities on the values of nonviolence, mindful living and consumption, and the welfare of all sentient beings.


We base our activities on the values of nonviolence, mindful consumption and welfare of all sentient beings.


Not surprisingly, nonviolence is at the very centre of this “better living”, as you start to be more gentle with your own self. It then develops further, so your social circles and then all living beings can feel how kind and compassionate you are. 


Nonviolence is also important on a planetary level:

  • not just it contributes to achieving a world peace,
  • but also eliminates cruelty and suffering of innocent animals that are breed and slaughtered for food in the factory farm settings,
  • which in turn helps to minimise and even potentially reverse global warming that threaten our entire humanity,
  • but also makes the use of our resources more just, so instead of feeding those industrially farmed animals, we can feel all people and eliminate world hunger,
  • this nonviolence to our communities and environment doesn’t stop there – nonviolence becomes a foundation for our mindful living, ethical consumption and global welfare.


These are all worthy causes, but they can start with single one of you. 

That’s why the very first steps that we decided to take is to provide the basis and instructions online, so you can embark on this journey with us. 


Current situation is fairly different though:

  • nonviolence remains quite ‘untouched’ and underutilised value, somewhere in the middle between pacifism and activism;
  • we still see wars and conflicts in the world, rise of crime and violence, unhealthy nutrition that triggers violent behaviour;
  • very busy modern lifestyles and mindless consumption.  

Martin Luther King: “The choice is not between violence and nonviolence, but between nonviolence and nonexistence”

Ahimsa Meditation is a non-profit organisation that offers a straightforward simplicity in the practice of mindfulness meditation. 

Nonviolence starts within everyone of us, but we benefit from it together.

What is Ahimsa?

Ahimsa is an ancient Sanskrit term that describes the model of nonviolence. Quite literally, it means ‘the force unleashed when desire to harm is eradicated’.


Nonviolence is the main goal of Ahimsa Meditation social enterprise and the main aim of our training courses, workshops and other activities. 

Nonviolence serves us as means to well-being, both mental, emotional, social and physical.

Nonviolence Meditation for a Healthy, Mindful & Peaceful Living

What is Nonviolence about?

Nonviolence is not an ideal or utopia, it is about: 

  • Being compassionate to your own mind (acceptance, kindness).
  • Being mindful to your body, not hurting yourself with poor nutrition.
  • Being kind towards others and extending it to all sentient beings.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a practice that can gradually become a part of your life. On a personal level, we believe that even though we all have those awful moments in life, yet with the skill of calming and centering our minds, we can survive some of the major life challenges, including post-traumatic stress disorder, grief, depression, loss of values and others.


Hard it is to train the mind, which goes where it likes and does what it wants, but a trained mind brings health and happiness (Dhammapada v35-36). 


Meditation helps to achieve mindfulness which will help in many aspects of your life. You will also tune in your inner values – why you are better off on a plant-based diet, how you can help others and the world.


We constantly tell ourselves a lot of stories. Many of them are hurtful and sometimes even cruel to ourselves. Robert Wright said that 'mindful mediation helps to examine our stories carefully, from the ground up, so that we can, of we choose, separate truth from fabrication'.  


Jon Kabat-Zinn suggested the following definition of mindfulness: it is 'the awareness that arises from paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgementally'. As though he was talking about Ahimsa Meditation, he also added in his book 'Meditation is not what you think': Peace is not farther than this very moment. Peace is something that we can bring about if we actually learn to wake up a bit more as individuals and a lot more as species; if we can learn to be fully what we actually already are; to reside in the inherent potential of what is possible for us being human. 

Therefore the very foundation for meditation practice lies in ethics and morality, and above all, in the ultimate motivation of non-harming. 

Why Ahimsa Meditation is different?

Ahimsa Meditation offers a straightforward simplicity in the practice of mindfulness meditation. 

We are completely secular yet take from Buddhism its core concepts of impermanence, egolessness and unsatisfactory nature of our desires. Meditation practice is focused on the simplicity of concentration meditation, open questions, self-observation and development. It subsequently makes physical and mental health better. Ahimsa Meditation is based on the core concept of self-acceptance, compassion and aims to spread this nonviolent way of living towards all sentient beings. 


Nonviolence allows us to get out of our own selves and be part of something bigger. 

Inner peace is therefore enabling us to cultivate peaceful attitude to all sentient beings in the world.


Ahimsa Meditation is very effective because with our practice we are going beyond our own selves and getting out of our inner rumination. Health is therefore becoming an amazing side effect of a less stressed out life, but world peace is a big picture and goal we all strive for. Join us! 

To find out more and get a more detailed account about meditation benefits, how to meditate, get guidance on meditation for stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD and insight meditation, please buy our Nonviolence Meditation book. Find it on Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk and other local Amazon stores, but also available on iBooks.

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  • We want to cultivate kindness to ourselves and others, both in our thoughts, speech and actions. 
  • We strive to overcome hatred and a massive sense of lack.
  • We aim to calm down the war in ourselves and between all sentient beings.  

Ahimsa Meditation offers nonviolence meditation practice for everyone's health, mindful and peaceful living. 

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