cruelty and the nature of violence

Cruelty and the Nature of Violence

The Nature of Cruelty Sometimes it’s almost inconceivable that so many people are capable of unspeakable acts of cruelty. Some of them are very visible – abandoned pets, beaten up kids and domestic abuse. Yet some are inflicted on us by our own selves: constant negative rumination and beliefs that we are ‘not enough’. This […]

Values of Enough _ Meditation for Greed

Meditation for Greed | Minimalism vs Consumerism

Are we here at Ahimsa Meditation leaning towards ultra-minimalism or even asceticism? Are we trying to monetize meditation and create consumer products for this ever increasing market? Our stance is neither of these options. Let us disucuss consumerism, values of enough and how meditation for greed can help us all.  Whilst we think that healthy minimalism […]

plant-based nutrition and nutrition of nonviolence and peace

Nutrition of Nonviolence: Plant-Based Nutrition

Nonviolence aims to stop the war within ourselves and that refers both to physical and mental health. This plant-based nutrition approach helps to achieve better health by means of nonviolence, which means no killing, treating your own body better, cooking for your loved ones, sharing and enjoying a meal together. Why Plant-Based Nutrition? The main […]