when is enough enough

It Is Too Much | When Enough Is Enough

It is too much… Let us ask you a quick question. Have you ever been in a situation when you felt it is just too much of everything? Surely it can be too much with work, other people, mounting stress, and simply a lot of things going on. You simply cannot go on like this […]

train attention with mindfulness meditation

Why It Is Important to Train Attention With Meditation

Let’s talk about attention today, shall we? Our main question is the importance to train attention. We will discuss how to do it by means of mindfulness meditation. Attention crisis Have you noticed that many of the job openings advertise the necessity to be good at multitasking? It has been going on for years and […]

vipassana meditation: insight meditation practice instructions

Insight Meditation Practice: Vipassana Meditation

How to Practice Vipassana Meditation  A big leap in the development of your meditation practice lies with vipassana meditation or, as it is sometimes called, insight meditation practice, which is going a bit further from concentrating on the breath. The general structure of vipassana meditation practice resembles already familiar meditation practice on concentration on breathing.  […]