cruelty and the nature of violence

Cruelty and the Nature of Violence

The Nature of Cruelty Sometimes it’s almost inconceivable that so many people are capable of unspeakable acts of cruelty. Some of them are very visible – abandoned pets, beaten up kids and domestic abuse. Yet some are inflicted on us by our own selves: constant negative rumination and beliefs that we are ‘not enough’. This […]

meditation for beginners

Meditation for Beginners: Just One Thing You Really Need

Meditation is no longer a hype. Even though you can read about it from various magazines, newspapers and online, it is not a trendy thing anymore. It is here and will stay as an effective tool to cultivate one’s mind. Meditation for beginners could be confusing. Meditation today Similarly, as with nutrition, it started to accumulate […]

mindfulness meditation for grief

Mindfulness Meditation for Grief

One person said that one cannot teach mindfulness meditation for grief before they have experienced that.  Dare to believe them? Well, whether it is true or not it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that it’s really difficult.  It’s bloody hard, ok?  It’s almost like torturing yourself with a stick/fire, you name it.  Tragedy happens… […]

meditation for stress

Meditation for Stress | Mindful Stress Management  

Stress: who is to blame? Without taking much time to introduce the topic, it’s very clear that we all live with much more stress than ever before. We have seen the emergence of Big Food, Big Pharma and other big businesses that make us sicker, poorer and very stressed. What’s incredible, they do it at […]

meditation books_apps__centres_tools

Meditation Books, Apps and Centers: Long Read Review

This quite lengthy review covers a vast number of meditation books and apps on mindfulness and meditation, but also some trusted meditation centres and tools you may find useful.  Before you start, just a quick note that there is nothing you need in order for you to start meditating. Just allocate a certain amount of […]

mindfulness meditation for depression

Mindfulness Meditation for Depression

What is depression? Depression, or depressive disorder, is a serious mental health issue that causes increased feelings of sadness and loss of interest in activities that were once enjoyed. A person who suffers from depression may have feelings of severe despondency and dejection. Unfortunately, our current busy lifestyle and manic schedules do create unrealistic expectations, […]

meditation for PTSD

Mindfulness Meditation to Help with PTSD

PTSD, Meditation, and Psychotechnology Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a mental health issue that some people develop after they have been exposed to a shocking event in their life. It can be it life-threatening situation, combat, incarceration, natural disaster, sexual assault or similar.  The US. Department of Veteran Affairs stated that 8 out of 100 […]

meditation for anxiety

Meditation to Reduce Anxiety

Meditation has been known since ancient times as a good way to be alone with yourself and leave problems aside. Meditation includes complete physical and psychological relaxation and helps control stress and emotions. This training method will defeat depression, insomnia, fatigue and other problems associated with emotional stress. The physical health of a person suffers […]

vipassana meditation: insight meditation practice instructions

Insight Meditation Practice: Vipassana Meditation

How to Practice Vipassana Meditation  A big leap in the development of your meditation practice lies with vipassana meditation or, as it is sometimes called, insight meditation practice, which is going a bit further from concentrating on the breath. The general structure of vipassana meditation practice resembles already familiar meditation practice on concentration on breathing.  […]