talk to students about meditation, mindfulness and ethical living

A Talk About Meditation, Nonviolence and Mindful Living

This is a talk that our Ahimsa Meditation teacher gave to newcomers to meditation that were interested in his views on how to approach meditation practice. This talk combines knowledge of Buddhist teachers but also medical professionals, so both spiritual and scientific expertise. Though even if you are practising meditation already, you can also relate […]

a life of nonviolence – ahimsa way

A Life of Nonviolence

In this short article, we want to discuss values, mindfulness, our ego, constant change and evolution, but also suffering and stress. We see that there is a life of nonviolence or Ahimsa way that is possible through meditation and training of our mind. Life values What is your main value as a human? Is there […]

learn more about nonviolence and peace

Nonviolence is a Basis of Life

Learn more about Nonviolence (or non violence) Nonviolence (non violence) isn’t a wrong word (as others can critique that it is too passive) – it is actually a Middle Way. It is not extreme as peace or war but gives a non-dualistic view on actions between being violent and being distant from existence. Nonviolence describes […]