meditation love compassion

Meditation, Love and Self-Compassion

Many people start on their journeys to meditate and cultivate their minds. It’s awesome! Yet for a majority of them, their practice of meditation is a sporadic tool or an activity that they need to find time for.  Surely, in our hectic and always changing world finding time is quite difficult. It is possible though […]

mindfulness meditation for grief

Mindfulness Meditation for Grief

One person said that one cannot teach mindfulness meditation for grief before they have experienced that.  Dare to believe them? Well, whether it is true or not it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that it’s really difficult.  It’s bloody hard, ok?  It’s almost like torturing yourself with a stick/fire, you name it.  Tragedy happens… […]

human and animal specialness

Let’s talk about our desire to be special

We hope that with this article we would be able to start a conversation with everyone of you about a modern goal that everyone is or needs to be special.  Do you really need it? Is it OK to be special at all? Is it healthy to strive to be special? What is it ‘to […]

meditation for stress

Meditation for Stress | Mindful Stress Management  

Stress: who is to blame? Without taking much time to introduce the topic, it’s very clear that we all live with much more stress than ever before. We have seen the emergence of Big Food, Big Pharma and other big businesses that make us sicker, poorer and very stressed. What’s incredible, they do it at […]

when is enough enough

It Is Too Much | When Enough Is Enough

It is too much… Let us ask you a quick question. Have you ever been in a situation when you felt it is just too much of everything? Surely it can be too much with work, other people, mounting stress, and simply a lot of things going on. You simply cannot go on like this […]

meditation for kids

Meditation for Kids & Mindful Games

Meditation is so simple, it can be practised by children from a very young age. Knowing how many valuable benefits meditation brings, it’s highly recommended for parents to introduce their children to meditation early. Imagine, meditation for kids could help them to sustain attention better, it helps with their learning efforts. They, in general, become […]

train attention with mindfulness meditation

Why It Is Important to Train Attention With Meditation

Let’s talk about attention today, shall we? Our main question is the importance to train attention. We will discuss how to do it by means of mindfulness meditation. Attention crisis Have you noticed that many of the job openings advertise the necessity to be good at multitasking? It has been going on for years and […]

mindfulness meditation for depression

Mindfulness Meditation for Depression

What is depression? Depression, or depressive disorder, is a serious mental health issue that causes increased feelings of sadness and loss of interest in activities that were once enjoyed. A person who suffers from depression may have feelings of severe despondency and dejection. Unfortunately, our current busy lifestyle and manic schedules do create unrealistic expectations, […]